Wednesday, November 28, 2007

East Eats West

This is the worst excuse for a blog post, but I wanted to share with everyone the work I've been doing for the Orlando Weekly. Here is the link to the On The Side column that I write. It's a short column (250-400 words) that is usually a restaurant review, cookbook review, or festival promotion. This week's column isn't posted. It's called "East Eats West," and just in case it isn't posted, since last week was Thansgiving and they might just decide to skip that issue and move to next week's, I'll post it below.

Be on the lookout by the end of the week for a new blog post. I promise it'll be great.

LINK: Orlando Weekly's On The Side Column

East Eats West

At China Hut on OBT, ignore the classic Hunan Beef and Moo Goo Gai Pan and ask for the Peruvian-style menu. Then order a bottle of chicha morada ($2.50). It looks daunting, but the violet Peruvian drink made from purple corn is fragrant and refreshing.

If you don’t speak Spanish or Mandarin, use your index finger to indicate your desire for a plate of arroz chaufa de mariscos ($9.50): fried rice served the Peruvian way – heaped on a plate and overflowing with pearly scallops, pink shrimp, and tender calamari rings.

For something with a little more heat and a striking flavor, move your finger just slightly down the menu to the ceviche mixto ($10.50)The ceviche, marinated in the juices of limes and lemons, defies the nouvelle-American version with sea scallops and instead marinates tender whitefish, shrimp, and calamari in a spicy m̩lange of red onion, cilantro, and jalapeno. It is served with a few pieces of chilled potato and a handful of cancha Рtoasted and salted Peruvian corn nuts.

While China Hut’s traditional Chinese fare may be less-than-remarkable, the flavors of Peru shine. Leave the lychee duck ($10.96) with its soggy meat, cloyingly sweet red sauce, and too much pineapple for the less continental. Channel your inner Incan and leave Bejing for Lima. You can get Chinese anytime.

(China Hut, 7615 Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, 407-240-0467)

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Ryan said...

This is the worst excuse for a blog post. Oh wait! I do the same thing all the time.

Loved your review. No wonder the Orlando Weekly pays you the big bucks.