Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Holding Pattern

Hello everyone! For the time being, I’m suspending On Food and Eating from new postings. I know you’re all devastated, but it’s for a good reason. Before December ends, I need to have a book written. Yes, my friends, my Master’s thesis. It’s in the developing stages right now, but I need to get some words on paper, which means focusing my attention on my thesis and its attempt to make sense out of my obsession with ethnic and fusion food. Never fear, though, I will be writing, and prolifically, about the restaurants and foodways I encounter in the next three and a half months. They’ll just all appear at the end of the semester.

In all honesty, I probably won’t be able to resist a mini-post or two about some cool thing I ran into at the grocery store, on a menu, etc, but no full-fledged posts. Check back periodically if you’re all that interested.

That being said, enjoy your Fall months, and I’ll be back after the holidays! Until then, eat up!

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Lauren Jewell Soqui Bohman said...

Lovely Dannii and I had an in depth conversation about how much we love reading your blog and the only thing that can make it better would be more of it.
This will be difficult for me. Very. I'll be carrying horse shoes, clovers, rabbit's feet and hoping with all I'm made of that you find some time to post on your blog.
All in all, good luck with the book. I truly am interested in how it turns out. Love the idea. Love you.