Saturday, November 07, 2009

T for Totally Disgusted

Apparently, this is how I feel about Japanese Steakhouses.

I have no clue why I'm making this face. It looks like I just found a turd on my plate. That didn't happen, btw.

In other news, I was totally underwhelmed by dinner at Benihana at the Disney Hilton. Go to one of the Kobe locations instead.

Thanks, Ms. Rochelle, for capturing this priceless moment on your iPhone. I didn't even know my face moved that way.

This newsbrief brought to you by the letter "T," which actually stood for "Tupperware." :)


Rachelle said...

LOL! This is making me laugh so hard. :)

LJ said...

hahaha! I love it!

danje said...

i looove that face. i feel like i may have seen that once before but it may have been at someone who audiaciously didn't love food. i know i know - that's sinful to not love dleiciousness. i would have made the same face.

we need to dine together soon.

what knives do you recommend? i really think i need to get a really good kitchen knife that costs more than $20. did you just make that face at me?