Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New York Nosh: Update

We've picked our poisons for our long weekend Spring Break in New York.

Here's the rundown:

Blue Hill
Executive Chef: Dan Barber
Noted for: Basically inventing the farm-to-table movement. They grow pretty much everything (animals included) at the Stone Barns property upstate. Next trip, we'll be visiting the farm.
Website: http://www.bluehillfarm.com/**

Katz's Delicatessen
Since 1888
Noted for: Pastrami sandwiches as big as your head. Seriously.
Equipment needed: Backhoe, antacid, Dr. Browns cream soda
Website: http://www.katzdeli.com/

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Executive Chef: Cute-as-a-button David Chang
Noted for: Making ramen an art form, crack pie (not made from actual crack, but as addictive as), steamed pork buns (second favorite food)
Website: http://www.momofuku.com/

Saturday: GAME DAY - beer and sausages. And that's just the company.


Peruvian Chicken Shack whose name escapes me
Noted for: Amazing 'pollo a la brasa' rotisserie chicken, chop suey
Equipment needed: Working knowledge of Spanish language, chastity belt (My Cliff is Peruvian and he is hott)

Executive Chef: Michael White
Noted for: Elegant Italian seafood, excellent $89 prix fixe dinner menu, swanky Chelsea location.
Equipment needed: Loaded credit card, air of sophistication

Along the way there will, of course, be hot dogs and Regina's pizza, a trip (or two) to Dean & Deluca, and who know what else along the way. I'll keep ya'll posted.

I may not come back. 

*Photo of Marea courtesy of the New York Daily News
** Photo of Blue Hill courtesy of arkfoodie.com

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