Monday, May 24, 2010

Bigger than my Breadbox

Yes, I do actually have a breadbox.  It's blue, okay?

For a while, I'd been wanting to make bread.  Bread is so homey and warm and comforting and it makes your house smell so amazing.  I tried a formula for Pulla bread (a Finnish sweet cardmom bread) and it was a complete disaster.  Of course.  The yeast I used was who-knows-how-old and I'm pretty sure that's what doomed me from the start.  After a good friend, Chef Tom Beckman of Le Cordon Bleu Chicago (my culinary alma mater), sent me a new formula as the old one se dice...shitty...I tried it again.

Here are the beautiful results.  Thank you, Chef.  Thank you very much. 

My Cliff enjoyed the first loaf almost entirely by himself.  The other is sitting in our freezer awaiting this weekend's brunch and a smear of local tangelo honey spread.

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