Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Cupcake

Photo courtesy of SteamyKitchen
I called it - pie is the new cupcake. You thought cake pops were cute; have you seen these adorable pie pops?

I can't wait to make them this summer with fresh blueberries and blackberries from the U-pick place next to my parents' house in Webster, Florida.

Orlando got its first cupcake place, Bluebird Bake Shop on Corrine Dr. last year, and I'm just waiting for the pie truck from Cheap Tart Bakery in Chicago  rolls into town. Can you imagine pie on a stick not just for the county fair or Key West anymore? I'm loving the idea. Men love pie anyway, and men, as we all know, are the untapped foodie marketplace. Once there's a buffalo wing truck parked on Orange Ave, Orlando will have arrived.

For now, pass the pie.


Jaclyn said...

"Men love pie."

HAHAHA. Nice job, Holly.

Holly said...

Yeah - that was kind of an involuntary comment. Though I could name my boyfriends simply by the kind of pie they loved. "Cherry treated me like crap. I'm so happy it's working out with blueberry. He treats me like apple treats my mom."