Sunday, June 13, 2010

THE Game: USA v. England

Not many people would characterise me as an ultra-patriot.  I'm a Democratic Socialist, a Francophile and an advocate for free information and health care for all.  But when the US plays those bloody blokes, I'm proud to be an American.

For all our faults (picking fights with countries we have no business invading, FOX News and Texas), I think I'd like to live no where else.  America is for idealists, and I'm a repeat offender.  :)

For our get-together on Saturday, we grilled outside and made some killer tri-colored cupcakes.  How much more American can you get?

I'm happy with the 1-1 draw.  It might as well have been a win after all that trash talking the English did.  I think the US deserves come good respect, even if the issue was goalie Green's butterfingers.

Have I mentioned how much I love frilly, sparkly toothpicks?  Thank you, Jo-Ann etc., for having a 50% off sale on patriotic toothpicks.

Coming up: Germany v. Australia.  I don't think they carry Vegemite at our local grocer, so we're going to go German - schnitzel, herb spaetzle, braised cabbage and apples.  There might be some cherry turnover in never know.

UPDATE:  Ghana just beat Serbia, 1-0.  Definitely the most exciting game so far.

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